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Ming Hwang / Executive Chef

Ming Hwang

Slippery Fish is not just the culmination of talent, passion, and dedication -- it is a way of life.


    Executive Chef Ming Hwang entered the culinary scene early in life, thriving as an energetic member of a successful New Jersey restaurant business family. Molded by his parent's mindful perspective on the business and inspired by the art of food, Ming has followed this destiny from childhood.  Ming established himself in his early years as an integral member of any culinary team in all capacities -- from bus-boy, to restaurant manager, to chef.


     Subsequently, Ming has mastered both front and back of the house affairs in an array of establishments ranging from fine dining to street food.  Ming relocated to Boston in 2000, where his restaurant duties included numerous essential tasks such as staff training and supervision, day-to-day operations, menu design, business development, and client services.  Validating his growing expertise, Ming was hired to help open a new Cape Cod sushi restaurant, Cape Sushi, in 2002.  When Ming arrived in San Francisco in 2005, his first project was the opening of 2 multi-million dollar kitchens for Guckenheimer.  Over the span of the 3 years that followed, Ming managed Tokyo Go Go in San Francisco and then moved on to open 2 other restaurants. Shiso in Sonoma was the first, followed by his very own San Francisco gem -- Sudachi. Sudachi was Zagat rated under Ming's ownership; it was a testament to Chef Hwang's solid execution of his craft.  During that time, the demand for elegant, lip-smacking sustenance for events and meetings increased, and soon the catering call had to be answered full time. Slippery Fish was born! 

    Throughout his career, Chef Hwang has been exposed to a variety of cuisines including Chinese, Italian, Cajun, Seafood, and Japanese. Guiding Ming in his creations are culinary principles that place a priority on the composition of flavors, texture, color and palate cleansor. Local, sustainable, and fresh ingredients combined with simplicity comprise the flavorful foundations that Ming builds upon. Ming approaches each menu and dish with finesse, and believes you cannot "muscle" your way into creating extraordinary food. His mantra: "Food made with love always tastes better".

    Slippery Fish Catering is brought to you with the same mindfulness and Zen approach that has driven Chef Hwang along his culinary path for over 25 years.

Roselyn Hwang

Roselyn Hwang / Event Specialist

Ever since she can remember, bringing friends and family together for all imaginable occasions has been a favored pastime for Roselyn.  Early on, she recognized the importance of creating the perfect ambience for each gathering by incorporating the right lighting, colors, décor, music, food and smallest of details.  Roselyn's reputation for entertaining became well known, and she was often asked to host a range of affairs for those in her social circles.  After hours of preparation for weddings, parties, and get-togethers, it was always rewarding to see guests smiling, talking, and having a great time.  For Roselyn, the most enjoyable aspect of organizing any event has always been, and remains, bringing people together.

    Following the early days, Roselyn spent time in the non-profit world and the hospitality industry where she gained exposure to planning private, social and business events.  Roselyn's business and communication savvy were further proven during her successful years in both business to business and business to consumer commerce, where she received numerous accolades for her achievements.  Throughout Roselyn's professional experience, she has repeatedly developed resources and business partner relationships that have contributed to her successes.  Today, Roselyn's penchant for networking has translated into an unmatched medley of resources and business partners that can be leveraged to ensure quality work for reasonable costs.  The additional strengths that Roselyn possesses culminate into the flexibility, organization, time management, communication skills and passion that guide each Slippery Fish event to fruition.

    With a commitment to your vision, the means to work within your budget and a serious zest for bringing people together, Roselyn and her team are positioned to execute flawlessly and transform your vision into a memorable event for you and your guests.

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